Follow your heart?

by Gregg Hake on August 29, 2014

It is commonly assumed that by following your heart you will find happiness. But is that necessarily true?

Your heart is a remarkably sensitive capacity. It, along with your mind, allows you to perceive substantive currents that would otherwise be imperceptible to your other senses. Your heart, in particular, allows you to feel the “invisible” world of spirit, which permeates and coexists with that which we know as the “outer” world.

The realm of spirit is the realm of cause for the level of creation in which we spend our human lives. Spirits may be of “heavenly” provenance or they may be ill spirits, which exist only by virtue of the usurpation of the one power, love. Ill spirits are in this sense powered by love, without the conditioning influence of truth. Whether or not you agree or understand this is irrelevant, the point I am seeking to make is that your heart perceives, and perhaps more importantly, is always oriented or centered in either type of spirit.

Following your heart then, is a risky proposition if your heart is not centered in love. One way to look at it is that your heart does not have a mind of its own…that’s your mind’s job! Where your heart is centered will determine in large measure the nature of your experience.  If, for example, your heart is fraught with fear, angst, sorrow, etc., following your heart will only dig you deeper into the pit of despair. Contrarily, if your heart is truly centered in love, you will see the same “outer” world through a very different lens. Centering in love allows you to participate in the constant upward movement of the Law of Laws, that is, the law of eternal progress.

I agree that following your heart is the one sustainable means to fulfillment and happiness, but with the caveat that your heart must be properly centered. This centering is a process of constant recalibration, for there are many forces at work in the world, in the mass subconscious, and in the consciousness of the individual which produce “magnetic interference” and cause “compass error.”

Purification and thanksgiving are the two primary tools by which your heart is re-calibrated to “true north.” You cannot be “all heart” and “all about love” and expect to live successfully. Living a generative life requires love and truth, heart and mind, working in concert and in balance.

Follow your heart, but make sure your heart is pure, or at least as pure as it can be for the moment, before taking a single step. The heart – not the mind – is the source of wisdom, but your heart must be properly centered – and at rest! – for your mind to translate the secret messages of wisdom correctly.


Law of Laws

by Gregg Hake on August 28, 2014

“The shallow consider liberty a release from all law, from every constraint. The wise man sees in it, on the contrary, the potent Law of Laws.” – Walt Whitman

Liberty derives not from license, but from an orientation in love and the observance of truth. Whenever there is a transition into a greater sphere of freedom, such as when a child becomes a teenager, a high school student becomes a university student, an employee becomes and entrepreneur, or a line worker becomes a manager, there is an accompanying need for the assumption of greater responsibility.

The privilege of freedom always comes with the need for more internally-held responsibility and discipline. Freedom without responsibility and discipline quickly devolves into chaos, the natural result of which is the eventual restriction of responsibility.

Held rightly, the expansion of freedom continues ad infinitum. The “potent Law of Laws” is the law of eternal progress. Wise is the man or woman who not only hears and sees, but acts on this understanding.

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