Your Heart

by Gregg Hake on April 23, 2014

Time, no matter how well spent, will leave furrows in your face, but it need not wrinkle your heart. A light and supple heart is possible no matter what your age, provided that you cultivate a deep and abiding sense of appreciation for the opportunities at hand.


Core of You

by Gregg Hake on April 22, 2014

“Not till we are lost, in other words not till we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves, and realize where we are and the infinite extent of our relations.” – Henry David Thoreau, Walden

As much as you value your relationships, romantic or otherwise, you are wise to remember that they do not define you. You are not defined by what is without, but what is within. Your relationships are vital to your pursuit and experience of happiness, but your manhood or womanhood and the revelation of your inner identity do not hinge on them.

You were designed to love. To make yourself vulnerable to others to share that love is not weakness, but strength. As supportive, heartening and comforting as your friends, family, or true love may be, no amount of self-sacrifice or losing yourself in the arms and caresses of another will put you any closer to finding yourself.

Your identity is not relational, it is absolute. Cherish your relationships, but don’t make the mistake that so many have by trying to find yourself in them. Your identity is not in the midst of them, it is in the core of you, and that core is infinitely precious. Nurture, honor and reveal the wonderful one within, that is, the very core of you, and you will soon realize who you are, where you are, and how special your relationship is to all that truly matters.


A Habit of Attention


“In the power of fixing the attention, the most precious of the intellectual habits, mankind differ greatly; but every man possesses some, and it will increase the more it is exerted. He who exercises no discipline over himself in this respect acquires such a volatility of mind, such a vagrancy of imagination, as dooms him […]

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Typology of Temperament


Venerate four characters: the sanguine who has checked volatility and the rage for pleasure; the choleric who has subdued passion and pride; the phlegmatic emerged from indolence; and the melancholy who has dismissed avarice, suspicion and asperity. – Johann Kaspar Lavater, Aphorisms on Man, c. 1788, No. 609 There are many ways to categorize people and […]

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“Where there is much pretension, much has been borrowed: nature never pretends.” – Johann Kaspar Lavater, Select Maxims, 1831, p. 234 If you were to immediately cease all efforts to present yourself in a certain way, to make something of yourself that you presently are not or to change others on the same basis, how much […]

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“In a language like ours, so many words of which are derived from other languages, there are few modes of instruction more useful or more amusing than that of accustoming young people to seek the etymology or primary meaning of the words they use. There are cases in which more knowledge, of more value, may […]

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