Kinetic Beauty in the Equestrian Arts by Gregg Hake

Oft times the simple things in life are the most notable.  Plato once said, “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.”  I came across a video clip recently of the famed ecuyer Nuno de Oliveira at work on a beautiful horse that I thought would brighten your day, whether you are in the horse community or not.  Enjoy the beauty, harmony and grace of this presentation.

Isn’t it wonderful to watch someone who loves what they do?  There is such relaxation, such ease, such command and clarity of purpose.  Course changes and corrections are taken and made with the lightest – if not invisible – touch.  Wouldn’t it be a different world if everyone were to carry themselves in their affairs as gracefully and proudly as Sr. de Oliveira upon his light and powerful horse?

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One Response to Kinetic Beauty in the Equestrian Arts by Gregg Hake

  1. Brad Baetz says:

    If you know anything about horses you can see that what this rider and horse do together is incredible….the space alone is tiny…..and did you see how he guides the horse thru each turn and move?? – WO!….that’s poetry in motion – beautiful!
    I once took a series of dance classes with my wife (wonderful learning experience)…give me a couple of steps and I became a pro, it felt great gliding across the floor, turning heads, ah!….ok, so maybe they were more like stares at my unique “moves”, but it felt great! – imagine if I were as graceful as this rider….might just change my career – HA, not a chance.

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