The Courage to Face Ingratitude XI

The farmer does not expect every seed that he sows in hope and faith to fall on good ground and bring forth its harvest; he is perfectly certain that this will not be so, cannot be so. He is counting on the final outcome of many seeds, on the harvest of all rather than on the harvest of one. If you really want gratitude, and must have it, be willing to make many men your debtors.

The more unselfish, charitable and exalted the life and mission of the individual, the larger will be the number of instances of ingratitude that must be met and vanquished.” ~ William George Jordan

In business many decisions are necessarily predicated on the expected return on investment or ROI. Applying the same thinking to the maintenance of a unwavering attitude of gratitude would make gratitude appear at first to be an unwise investment, but were a longitudinal study to be performed on the return generated from such an approach, I venture to say that it would be seen that it is well-worth the time and effort.

The most memorable people in history are those who triumphed in goodness. The second most memorable are those who excelled in the proliferation of malice. While life, in my view, is not about whether or not the choices you made and actions you took were memorable long after you are gone, leaving a legacy of blessing, encouragement and hope is an indicator of a life well-lived.

As the radiant influence of goodness in an through you increases, so too will the reaction of those people who have dedicated their lives to syndicating the belief that integrity is an impossible dream. Be not disheartened, for the power of life that courses through your heart, your mind and your body can easily defeat the powerless and cowardly murmurs of those who rise up against you.

You truly have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

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5 Responses to The Courage to Face Ingratitude XI

  1. Ricardo B. says:

    Nicely put, for the power of goodness is a shield unto itself. To animate one’s oppressors through fear or fight are the very means by which they remain in your life.

  2. MMc says:

    Well said! People that go through life keeping their head down in hope they will not become the target of some poisonous person constrict their present and their future. It takes courage to live an uncommon life.

  3. Vincent says:

    Seeds require a certain environment, certain conditions, if they are to germinate and flourish. When seeds fail to germinate, or when they appear to germinate but fail to flourish, it is not the fault of the seed typically. The conditions where the seed falls are not generally controllable. It can be surprising, and sometimes saddening, to see areas where good seed has been wasted. It can also be surprising, however, to watch as certain seeds take hold and grow where one might not have expected at all!

    We are all gardeners for better or for worse, and of course cultivation does come into it. But perhaps the principal factor is the love of gardening – the care, the patience, the equanimity and the childlike sense of curiosity and wonder that may be maintained as life’s beauties take form even among weeds and thorns.

  4. Colin says:

    Jordan’s words today are a tonic that helps change our expectations to meet reality. If you increased your “seeds of hope and faith”, and were focused only on the ingratitude, you might say “since I have increased my efforts, ingratitude has increased x percent”! But you must forget ingratitude, and understand that if you increase the seeds, you must place your focus on the ones that germinate. When you present a seed to someone, they must make their choice as to whether they will allow it to grow in themselves or stamp it out. If they stamp it out, re-asses to make sure you allowed them the best opportunity you could, and if so, carry on! The nay-sayers will always be there.

  5. Ed Barnes, Sr. says:

    Great points. I agree!

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