The Glory of Going On

Tennyson uses the fine phrase, “the glory of going on.” There is tremendous power and influence in plowing through obstacles and opposition as though they did not exist, of remaining calm and undaunted, meeting fate or failure without protest, but ever seeking a new way out. Courage is not in never fearing but in conquering the fear, not in seeing no danger but in seeing safety beyond; it is the soul’s supreme contempt for cost so long as it gets value. Courage comes from conviction; it always rises when we face a situation with supreme confidence that we can master it, when we remain cool long enough to generate the energy and heat to go on.” ~ William George Jordan

When you fail to “go on” with respect to anything you face in life, you, or some part of you, stagnates. That part of you is held in suspended animation, its growth stunted and that which depends upon it is compromised.

Stagnation is never a healthy state. When water stagnates, it becomes an incubator for bacteria and parasites. Health-promoting, flowing water can become an environmental hazard when it stops moving. So too does the human body, mind and heart. Flow is essential.

The next time you see an opening in circumstance, an opportunity you have previously cowered from for one reason or another, take a chance and drive a truck through it. Do as Jordan suggests and plow through the obstacles and opposition as though they did not exist. You’ll be surprised as I have often been how quickly things can change when you refuse to hold back and dare to go on.



The obstacles in life are made harder, heavier and denser when painted with fear.

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7 Responses to The Glory of Going On

  1. Kolya says:

    I think we’d be amazed at how man obstacles are actually created in our own minds. Why not drive a truck through them – Well probably be quite inspired by what can change.

  2. Coco says:

    Thanks for this reminder of what the “courage of our own conviction” means. Conviction is often considered as in good vs evil, it is so much more. Conviction blows through the walls of lethargy, confusion, and provides patience for the learning curve. This courage builds backbone and staying power. It literally and figuratively can move mountains .

  3. happytobehere says:

    Meeting a challenging situation with courage and seeing it change is a soul satisfying experience. I found it reaffirming & fortifying while becoming stronger and more confident with each experience. Thanks for the inspiring post.

  4. Thank you for your words. As I read them and reviewed the comments and read your words again something began to dawn in my awareness. It seems there can be various things that provoke the face of fear. However I am renewed to see how courage plays its part in this moment as well as ensuing moments. I don’t have to worry about things I may feel fear about right now. What matters is looking at fear as reverence for the life that I have now. As I take this attitude I do feel the conviction of being a master of my own living and coming to rest with knowing a capability to handle future situations that may bring up the feeling of fear with good bold sense.

  5. Colin says:

    I’m sure that this stagnation is an experience that everyone has had in their lives. Let’s take today as an opportunity to break through those self-created barriers. Most people don’t ever get the opportunity to even think about the stagnated points in their lives, because they are already wrapped up in them. Let’s not waste our chance to do something extraordinary by choosing to stand still when we should have moved.

  6. Ricardo B. says:

    Well said……conviction is the mass behind your movement and properly used gets a whole lot done in a relatively short time. Years of trepidation can vanish in an instant – I’ve seen it – and your life can go on to greater things. There will always be things to overcome and once you get a real taste of venciendo a fear, the objects of your fears are greatly diminished in size for courage is part of the heart’s native tongue.

  7. DeeDee Miller says:

    I like Jordan’s words that you have to keep your cool in order to generate the heat and energy to move on. There is a world of difference between keeping one’s cool and being frozen in fear. One creates the momentum for forward movement, the other does not. This is such a fantastic post!

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