Praise or Persecution

In the face of persecution, you have two options. You can either assume the role of the victim and be overcome by the attack or you can use the energy focused against you to move you closer to your goal.

There is only one energy. There is no “good energy” or “bad energy.” Energy can be focused in relation to constructive purposes or destructive ends, but the energy in and of itself is neutral. Most people are so busy judging how the energy is being used (particularly when it is being used against them) that they overlook the fact that energy, no matter how it may be clothed, can be put to good use.

Consider the spooking horse. When a horse spooks, it’s rider can either react negatively to the disruptive use of energy and consequently become tense emotionally, mentally and physically or the rider can channel the elevated energetic flow in a direction useful to his aim. Your reaction to changes in energy need not be a foregone conclusion.

A good rider, like one who has mastered the art of living, uses every energetic shift to advantage. Likewise, he does not lose his composure when sudden or extreme changes in energy flow occur, regardless of their provenance or nature.

Whether energy comes to you in the form of praise or persecution, agreement or disagreement is beside the point. The fact that you have more energy to work with is the point. The sooner you realize this the easier the rest of your life will be.

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7 Responses to Praise or Persecution

  1. Kelli Lorentzen says:

    Your words are a powerful reminder that how we react to our circumstances determines whether or not we are giving our power away in the situation. It is helpful to have the perspective that energy itself is never good or bad, and we have the potential to be a marvelous generator or blow ourselves out (and likely derail other factors that have been lining up). I can recognize in my own experience where I have tended to be shortsighted with my reactions to the energy coming my way (praise or persecution, because they both are opportunities for increase or not). Thank you for the renewal of purpose this morning!

  2. MMc says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Reaction is a habit that can rob me of the power to move forward. Wasting my opportunities by letting judgement quash the advantage, letting the power become the weapon it may have been initially intended as is unintelligent. My dad always said to turn the other cheek, good advice. Again it’s clear we have far more choice than is usually understood.

  3. Coco says:

    Brilliant yet simple strategy for a more productive life. We all face this one beginning at a very young age. What a vital lesson to make sure we fully grasp so we can model what it looks like for our children and any we may mentor. I doubt they’ll learn it from their peers or from history. This can be a life saver! Thanks for the post.

  4. David R says:

    Turning around energetic impulses that were meant to harm or divert is part attitude and part developed skill, but these attitudes and skills are central to the ability to live effectively. Using little situations that could have been just annoying aggravations as learning opportunities can build a base of confidence that can then be applied to larger areas. We can learn to seek the pressureful opportunities rather than avoiding or decrying them, and this can begin to turn the tide of our life!

  5. Colin says:

    It is amazing how much of the world’s energy is spent judging things. People are constantly weighing the things around them, looking for any type of disrespect or drama. I think they look for it because of an unconscious desire to be mediocre. If you are judging whether the energy that comes to you in life is good or bad, you are using it all up in the judgement, and will never be able to use it to move onwards and upwards.

  6. Kolya says:

    Excellent points, thank you.

  7. Steve Ventola says:

    Thank you for the prompt to become energetic artists utilizing whatever energy that is at hand. Whether praise or persecution or of another energy it can all be used for a greater increase in the expression of the qualities of life. Your words point to dancing with the energy of life.

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