Fools Rush In

A recent article on a relatively new phenomenon called seabed mining caught my attention yesterday. New discoveries in marine geology have led to a gold rush at the bottom of the ocean, a frenzied search which will likely never be tempered by a careful analysis of its side effects. There’s gold in them thar waters and ain’t nobody gonna get in their way.

I fear for our race, for our decreasing attention span and our insatiable hunger for material wealth. There is nothing wrong with wealth, in fact, it expands the potential scope of human creative expression when used rightly. But when wealth is pursued at any cost it invariably leaves its mark.

How far can we push the earth before she snaps? I hope we never find out. Children like to test their parents to determine the envelope of tolerance. Children in adult bodies do the same with respect to Father Time and Mother Earth. We have a lot of work to do if we are to have a world where adults are once again running the show.

Life as we know it exists in a narrow range. Consciousness, for instance, is partly the result of a delicate chemical balance. The seasons we know and count on are likewise the result of a dynamic, yet subtle balance of a great many factors, many of which we have not yet understood.

We cannot push blindly, lest we topple the whole of creation onto ourselves. We must, as a race, cultivate a concern for the long view. We must, as a race, find a way to cultivate mature, responsible and healthy adults.

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8 Responses to Fools Rush In

  1. Carmen says:

    One must ask one’s self, why are humans acting the way that they are, what fuels so much disrespect for the earth, and all living things. Why has wealth become the one and only God of so many? I think that when we only acknowledge the tie with the physical body, and can no longer see ourselves as the spiritual beings that we once were, this process of downward spiraling of humanity occurs. Any individual that will stop, and look at the world around them, can easily see what is happening, but can we stop it, much less reverse it?? There is a principle within Yoga that is called “ahimsa”, which roughly translated means “that I do no harm”. What marvelous depth lies beneath this one simple word. Can each of us hold this wonderfully elevated thought to our hearts this day, and fully embrace it??

  2. Mitch Webb says:

    Excellent points, all of them. Definitely your post has given me pause this morning to consider the order of priorities.

  3. Zach says:

    Maturity is something that is so little discussed because most adults have never fully matured. The problem with this, at least for issues such as the environment, is that with a lack of maturity comes a need for regulation.
    Anyone that knows me knows I am not a fan of government regulation. It breeds bureaucracies and therefore bureaucrats, which creates a primed environment for waste and abuse. If you give a government power it will take it, and especially in a case where people can see that something does need to be regulated, the government will be in the right, at least at first.
    The other, and better, scenario is that humans mature to the point where they can see that just because there is something to be taken or extracted from the Earth does not mean that it should be done.

  4. Kolya says:

    Excellent point, thank you.

  5. Coco says:

    It seems the price we’ve paid in selling our humanity for past gold rushes has not registered. Learning from the past requires repentance. If the result of the egregious behavoir is not faced and the behavoir changed, nothing will improve. I think maturing at a grass roots level can eventually turn the tide. This is only hope that I see. This is where individual responsibility has the opportunity to become homeopathic to the larger body of mankind. Who knows when a shift can occur? We can each make a huge difference by how we choose each day to live. I don’t think in this sense anyone lives under the radar or above the fray!

  6. Ricardo B. says:

    I share the same sentiment. The ultimate futility of moving forward at any cost comes in waves, with the signs and symptoms accumulating ever so gradually that they tend to be readily dismissed as separate problems and laws are even created to justify their existence. We certainly have amassed a fortune of them at this point. This kind of untempered appetite is clearly unnatural, devouring precious resources as soon as they appear and end up destroying innocent lives in the process to the ‘gain’ of a few. Global nationalism seems to just feed the monster.
    Sadly, there is no real gain when someone loses as life is not a game. If we treat it as such, the stakes are higher than we could ever possibly reach and fools we are to even try.
    One word comes to mind and that is reverence.

  7. Teryl Worster says:

    It does look like it’s time for human beings to “grow up” and take a look around them. Every point made by you and your readers today give reason for much thought on this subject. Hopefully with a few a healing can occur for the many!

  8. Steve Ventola says:

    The words,” fool’s gold” come to mind in respect to making wealth one’s first priority. It really is like having blinders on trampling everthing in site to make sure one’s objective is reached. Thanks for your sane comments for there to be adults on earth acting in wisdom step by step.

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