Subtler Ways

Subtler Ways by Gregg Hake

I asked my steed to lift me high,
“Collect yourself, give it a try!”
He weaved and bobbed and said “I shan’t”
I bid him more, he said “I can’t.”

So once again another day
We exercised in subtler ways.
And once the balances were set
To my delight he did not fret.

O’er time he saw that he could trust
That my commands were not unjust.
He gave himself and became light
Yielding to me all of his might.

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11 Responses to Subtler Ways

  1. Zach says:

    It is amazing what you can do when you approach a task the right way. Asking a horse to obey your commands by feeling slight shifts in body weight seems improbable, yet it is doable with the right attitude and focus.
    In most cases, the subtler way is the better, more efficient way. It is the way of maturity, and of fineness. It is what makes sprezzatura possible.

  2. DeeDee says:

    Beautiful poem!

  3. Kai Newell says:

    I’m enjoying your poetry. Also I enjoyed Kate’s post the other day. All of this creativity has been inspiring me to bring out my journal again!

  4. Ricardo B. says:

    Relaxed and in good confidence, bravo artiste d’subtil!

  5. Lady Leo says:

    Beautifully written! Guiding and training animals is a sequence of subtlety; they feel us. In actuality it seems we train ourselves first. Loved it! Thank you.

  6. Melissa Hake says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful poem!

  7. Kolya says:

    Awesome poem!

  8. Teryl Worster says:

    What a beautiful poem! The skill of movement and adaptation with grace revealed!

  9. David R says:

    Good to share your heart and your experience through these words!

  10. Joshua says:

    Relax and abide will I.

  11. Steve Ventola says:

    Your exquisite words carry a message that can be effectively applied in our living.

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