All for Each and Each for All

“All for each and each for all, but only on condition that each works with might and main to so maintain himself as not to be a burden to others.” – Theodore Roosevelt

These high principles of which we are aware are attainable. They are not an idealistic sham designed to draw men hopelessly up from the nasty, brutish and short life which rules in the absence of aspiration, rather, they are the tangible evidence of the invincible essence of our higher nature.

I am convinced that our higher nature is not the product of civilization. Our higher nature is intrinsic to our very being, if not to the particularized focus of the current of life which animates all humanity. As such, it need not be cultivated, but set free.

Humanity progresses by leaps and bounds when these high principles find expression through the minds, hearts and hands of men. Great civilizations rise quickly, fortunes are amassed and peace and prosperity are known whenever these virile principles are planted lovingly in the fecund field of circumstance for which we are presently responsible.

This cannot be done perfunctorily, it must be done with all the vim and vigor we can muster.

So let it be!

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7 Responses to All for Each and Each for All

  1. Kai Newell says:

    Thank you for sharing this vision!

  2. Zach says:

    I would feel very bad for someone who read your blog posts and came away with the feeling that the kind of world and attitudes you articulate are impossible. While the only person that any of us have direct control over is ourselves, we can be immensely inspirational when we become a living example that these principles are attainable.

    Natural laws are natural laws, and while life’s energy is available to us it is our own responsibility to control that energy effectively and properly. While initially the amount of people doing this might be small, the effect of right living is more geometric progression than linear.

  3. kolya says:

    Indeed this is so. Life is not something to experience vicariously or waste by living in neutral. We must seize the day and live by those principles with passion and the force of our being.

  4. Lady Leo says:

    I say aye, aye! I’ve been accused of believing in utopia but truly I trust we were created to flourish and multiply the blessings. I’ve come to realize you can only do it for yourself. Living in a world based on blessing can not be shared unless each are resolute in heart and mind that it is so for themselves. It’s not like create it and they will come. I’ve found it to be, live it and you will be part of it. Teddy Rosevelts condition is the key to entry.

  5. Steve V says:

    I take note of your words how our intrinsic life nature need not be cultivated rather set free. In light of this it good to see that it is our conditions of mind and heart and body that can be cultivated to provide the field for life to be set free through us. It is the intensity of our interest to so live and act tells the tale whether life does come through us!

  6. Joshua says:

    We each need find our voice, both internally and externally, that the natural flow of who we are at the core is simply let free, in expression both invisible and visible. This is where I’ve found your blog to be most helpful, consistently reading and writing in response to what is offered, has caused through the principle of resonance, an uplifting effect, internally, which then becomes visible externally. Simple challenges that were previously over-thought and under acted upon, become nothing….as they are proven to be in the light of Truth.
    Thanks Gregg, for re-awakening me!

  7. Ricardo B. says:

    I have found that it does take concentrated awareness to raise your head and see what lies beyond both the average world we live in and the average impulses we all feel. There is a greater beyond in both domains and this awareness starts as we individually allow ourselves to become attracted to noble purposes. Where does nobility come if not from within?
    Then comes the real work, staying with this day in and day out relying on no one but yourself foremost and the quality of resourcefulness you happen to possess. Vision is enhanced as this all takes place and so you see more of opportunity in front of you than ever before. Working together on this basis, I can only imagine what could become of all of us!

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