Everyday Epiphanies

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.” – John Milton

What would your life be like if you had an epiphany every day? For starters, it would be constantly refreshing…never a dull day as they say. Every evening would be filled with the anticipation of a coming spring after a quiet and calming winter born in the dimming evening light. Life would be unquestionably worth living.

The reality for most, however, is a stark contrast to this picture of rhythmic creative expansion painted by Milton. This is evidenced by commonly accepted statements like “Familiarity breeds contempt”. Life to those who fail to discover the way to perpetual epiphanies is a bell curve, rather than an upward spiral.

Just as you cannot build a tower into heaven, you cannot climb into this state of which I write. Everyday epiphanies come only as you declare your residency in a new state, a state of being whose primary test of citizenship is the ability to maintain the attitude of gratitude and thereby reverence, regardless of what is going on round about.

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5 Responses to Everyday Epiphanies

  1. Zach says:

    We each have control over our own attitudes. While sometimes we might get into situations that are less than ideal, there is not always anything we can do about that ususally. What we can do is hold our gracious attitude inviolable. Doing that allows us to be constantly in place when the inevitable opportunities arise to change our circumstance. The usual method of complaining does nothing more than cement the current status quo.

  2. D.G. says:

    I don’t see how anyone could lose with this perspective. Great post!

  3. Coco says:

    If our lives seem less than we expected I’m positive we are not living the life that was offered. I’m not speaking of a life we design according to what shallow bar many have set for mankind, a perpetual vacation or carefree existence that’s highs are a new place, food or friend. I’m describing a life filled with the awe of experiencing the power and grace that the Omnipotent can infuse into any circumstance that we will open up to him. Like a flower receiving the sun, it’s available freely to us, we don’t have to struggle to receive this gift.

  4. kolya says:

    thank you, great post!

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