Chains of Circumstance

We are strange beings, we seem to go free, but we go in chains – chains of training, custom, convention, association, environment – in a word, Circumstance – and against these bonds the strongest of us struggle in vain.” – Mark Twain

Your perspective is conditioned by and subject, in part, to your experience. Education and travel can broaden your experience and as a result widen your frame of reference, but your perspective will always be limited or distorted in areas where your consciousness has yet to be disenthralled by truth.

The truth frees you from the “chains of training, custom, convention, association, environment” in a way that no other quality or experience can. The truth is absolute and is therefore neither bound by consensus nor shaped by human opinion. Moreover, the laws of science and the principles of being are governed by the truth. Knowing the truth, then, liberates you from the shackles of temporal knowledge and opens your mind to eternal wisdom.

To know the truth you must be willing to throw away anything that is false, no matter how much you love or have invested in that which is up for disposal. This requirement seems harsh to the human mind, but it must be said and seen that the refusal to allow for and participate in this sorting process is at the core of why we’re in the mixed state we’re in today.

Delay no more! Cut your losses and break off the chains of circumstance! Let your consciousness be lifted and you shall walk from this moment on in the light of truth.

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5 Responses to Chains of Circumstance

  1. Ricardo B. says:

    Failing to consider that truth can be absolute is a big hurdle. If you can’t even allow for the possibility to begin with, then the whole matter basically gets rationalized into “my truths” and “your truths.”

    But when the idea gets into your head that truth is universal and absolute, possibilities begin to open up like never before. The big one I see is that you no longer see yourself as a mere product of your environment, where nurture is the predominant force of the forging your identity. Nature becomes the ruler now, where its nuances are able to be sufficiently grasped by your higher-order intelligence, forging your identity in kind. From this premise, the environment is added to your nature to help create the you that is better suited to deal with anything current. You can acquire specific traits and attributes to help meet rising challenges. But always, conscious truth is your driving force as absolute truth is awakened in your mind.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about biology lately, and a more spiritualized form of biology fills in more of the gaps for me where the various assumptions have had to been made. Wherever science has pushed the limits in understanding, the great thinkers always have reached to the sublime for explanations, because only in doing so do things really begin to make sense.

  2. Marianne Q says:

    Thanks so much – I will be looking for areas where I can do this!

  3. Strawberryfield says:

    At the end of the day we are our own jailer, for sure! One of the traditions that I’m working on changing is that of constantly having to size up every circumstance and categorize or classify it. I’ve realized when I was caught in this habit of judgement it required a sort of ingesting of every circumstance I was in. I find that leaving myself available, in a sense, freeing up space in my mind and heart for the truth to at the very least have some opportunity to have a dawn in me. I think there are levels to the truth and as we refine our hearts and minds we can mature in our understanding. The adventure begins!

  4. Joshua says:

    A perfect start to a perfect day.
    Thanks for unshackling my consciousness!
    The light is much more comforting than the alternative, must be why the Truth is referred to as the Great Comforter.
    Onward and upward!

  5. Zach says:

    There are plenty of people in the world that are willing to throw away some things, but few and far between are the ones who are relentless at discarding those things they find to be separate from the truth.
    There are many tricks and rationalizations that your mind will conjure up to try and keep the things that are comfortable to it, but it is our responsibility, each and every one of us, to get beyond that and to let these things go.
    The bottom line is that unless we really desire to know the truth, we will find things both small and large that will keep us away from our full potential. We have the ability, let’s find the intestinal fortitude to get rid of the things that need to go.

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