We Have Left Her

Human beings like to distill complex concepts into simple, often simplistic terms. When you consider truth, for instance, many think simply of the “facts” or “telling the truth.” Limiting your definition and understanding of “truth” to “not lying”, however, is no different than thinking that reducing “love” to “sexual desire.”

There is much more to truth than mere veracity. Truth, in the broadest sense, is the body of love. Love, in the most general terms, is the fundamental power of creation.

The truth has four primary aspects or phases: principle, purpose, design and control. Each of these phases allows for the outward or perceptible indication of the power of love and the sequence of the phases provides the means by which reality takes form. Love is thus transformed into life through truth. “Life,” then, is clearly much more than “animate existence.”

Human beings have the ability to orient in love and be conscious of truth in a way that allows them to cooperate intelligently with the grand process of creation at work everywhere in the universe. If, however, they dismiss or oversimplify this trinity, their participation is, simply put, that of a simpleton or a madman.

Modern education is grossly inadequate in this regard. Rather than familiarizing children with the elegant framework of truth, we focus instead on describing its outer surface. And while we go into great detail about its superficies, we fail to develop an understanding, let alone an awareness of its core. Even the most educated, in this sense, are painfully superficial and unnecessarily handicapped.

We need not stumble about in the twilight of error; the light of reality is at hand. To see reality, however, we must reacquaint ourselves with truth. She has not left us, we have left her.

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5 Responses to We Have Left Her

  1. Coco says:

    What a wonderfully clear explanation of this fundamental process. Orienting in love is as easy to do as letting the meditations of my heart spring from thankfulness, appreciation and forgiveness. Never giving the spirits of fear from loss, jealousy or resentment even a toehold in my attitude. The mechanism of truth becomes understandable to anyone that will lift their head up. I’ve heard it said that the even the smallest effort on our part is continually met with all the hosts of heaven have to meet us. Now that is something to prime our hearts with appreciation. Thank you Gregg.

  2. Ricardo B. says:

    This is where having integrity in one’s life allows for reacquaintance with the very fabric of reality. We people are notorious for desiring illusions and voraciously consume worlds of fantasy to satisfy the ill effects of leading less than complete lives. There is none to blame in this dilemma for we all are born into this world and are initially clothed with its persona, but it is a matter of individual responsibility to awaken out of whatever is not real and shed all vestiges of its handicapping grip, for truly in order to continue, our very lives are counting on it.

    I had a conversation last week with a patient and she came to the full realization that in order to become well, she cannot bring any more chaos into the world. She’d been struggling in some areas of her health and finally noticed that after every altercation with her husband, she immediately would feel as though the life force leaves her and it would take an average of two full days to recover. This had been going on for years, and it took a moment of completely honest unbiased focused self-reflection to admit that she was contributing to her health woes via arguing and defending a position in self-righteous fury. Through learning not to be so indignantly reactive, she took another monumentous step in her healing.

    The most lovely part of the story was that she immediately conveyed this realization to one of her daughters who was also having quarrels with her father. Though the father has much to learn as well, these two people realized they need not be subject to anyone else’s irrational behavior. Needless to say, my heart lept for joy as I immediately saw the presence of greater light in the world. This is how changes come – even generational miasms can be vanished in an instant when there is courage enough to see and do the right thing.

    We can surely come back to Her.

  3. Steve Ventola says:

    Thank your for your clear words that love is transformed
    into life through truth. Your consideration is at the depth of
    reality. It is wonderful to be increasing conscious of what is at
    work underneath all surfaces. This surely brings a greater
    experience of life!

  4. Kierney says:

    In order to come back to her, we must first be willing to be absolutely honest with ourselves and our motivations. As it’s been said, we have to hunger and thirst after righteousness, caring more to be centered in love and truth than in any other thing or person.

  5. Zach says:

    Because most people oversimplify huge realities such as love and truth into concepts they feel they can handle without too much pressure, they as well only ever get to feel a shadow of what love and truth can provide, and what can be provided through them. Love and truth together are sublime. They simultaneously follow an efficient logic and evoke a depth of feeling that is almost indescribable in its complexity.
    We restrain ourselves so much in the areas that are our birthright, yet overstep our bounds in the areas that are not ours to meddle in. This limits us to a shadow of our capability.

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