New Learning

In my experience companies are more usefully transformed from the inside out, rather than being forced to change due to external pressures. To accomplish this transformation, company leadership must encourage education and self-improvement for everyone in the company.

But it cannot stop there!  Company leadership must also commit itself to continuous self-improvement. A company whose leadership leads by example in this regard is extremely attractive to talented people who want to grow personally and professionally.

It is not enough to have a corporate roster full of good people; good people, more than anyone thrive on a steady diet of learning, peppered with challenge. In my observation people are more motivated by an ever-expanding opportunity to contribute in positive and meaningful ways than they are by any other factor.

This metric – individual fulfillment – is not usually measured or consciously considered, but to my mind it is one of the most important in the summation of a company’s value.

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3 Responses to New Learning

  1. Lady Leo says:

    I think that makes a job into a career!

  2. Joy says:

    Great point for both employers and employees. Thank you Gregg.

  3. Chuck Reddick says:

    Your post today is among my favorite topics – leadership and developing others. Very quickly there are two factors that are very helpful in achieving the level that you are talking about Gregg. They are Standards and Expectations. That is the having if high standards and high expectations for those who you employ and are trusting with your company. These two factors will both attract and keep the top people regardless of their position in the company and also regardless of outside circumstances.

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