The World from Above – Part III

“The Wright brothers flew through the smoke screen of impossibility.” โ€” Dorothea Brande

How many things in your life have proven to be nothing more than the “smoke screen of impossibility”? Life’s challenges are often daunting when they are first encountered, but once a little knowledge and experience are gained in relation to them they are put back into perspective. Premature judgment often makes things appear much worse than they really are.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble in life if you take the time to cultivate in yourself the ability to receive with equanimity that which is initially foreign, unfamiliar, or seemingly insurmountable. The way you fly through life is largely determined by the habit patterns you develop around this central point.

I took these pictures while earning my seaplane license in Italy several years ago. One of the challenges I met in the course of my instruction (coming to it as a land-based pilot) was to land in the river that ran through the farm shown below. Yes, I had to land in a narrow, winding, flowing river, that my instructor (I think jokingly?) said was protected by a shotgun wielding farmer. And yes, I survived.

Our first landing required me to have faith in my instructor that far exceeded my personal experience and understanding of what was possible, but the second one was a cinch. not only that, it gave me the confidence to meet the new challenge…glassy water landings!

I hope you enjoy the photos…







*Photos taken by Gregg Hake with a Sony DSC-T10 in a seaplane over Lake Como in Italy

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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks Gregg
    Just the words I needed to hear today. They apply to myself along with giving me a better understanding how I can help others in sharing my knowledge and experience. I like the phrasing,”flying through life.”

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