Loyalty bought with fear or greed is purchased at the expense of integrity. Those who submit their agency on this basis yield not to truth but to the hope for some gain, be it security, comfort, belonging or self-worth. Without integrity, such winnings are devoid of true and lasting fulfillment.

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Love’s Dominion

Man ought never to withdraw his love; he is designed for one purpose: to establish love’s dominion in the earth. 

Love should not be withheld in order to punish another, neither should it ever be withdrawn out of spite. Withdrawing love leaves only a void in which all manner of ill spirits thrive. 

Love’s nature is purifying and its presence is clarifying. Let love have dominion in you and love’s influence shall be felt in all you undertake. 

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Of all the things that man has at his disposal, none dispels intolerance better than education.  

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Breath of Morning

Breath of morning brings
The sweet scent of renewal
Newness rushes forth and sings
As dawn is lit by the heavenly jewel

Rise up! and greet this day
Not in some old and tired way
But with a heart inclined to light
And a mind conscious of right

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Watch your Words

If you were to spend an entire day without saying anything unnecessary, unhelpful, unkind, or untrue, would you speak more or less than normal? 

The world is what it is largely because of the vibrational nature of the words released into its atmosphere. Spirits give rise to feelings, feelings in turn arouse thoughts, thoughts shape words, and words incite actions that change the world. There is discretion at every level, but at the end of the day, that which is created is significantly affected by the words we speak and write to one another. 

Watch your words; change your world. 

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Love Incarnate

“Love”, a haiku by Gregg Hake

Ageless yet bounded:
Love incarnate (given form)—
Love’s greatest longing

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